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  • QuoVadis Amazon Photo courtesy of Jenny Wells
  • Suid Kaap Afrika Photo courtesy of Monica Sciocatti
  • Stones and Bones Ayo Pippilotta Photo courtesy of Nancy Peters
  • Janieka Vince Photo courtesy of Monica Sciocatti
  • Misunka Donna, ±10 years old Photo courtesy of Nancy Peters
  • QuoVadis Litter, 2008 Grasland GBT Ozzy x Spitsvuur Kitkat Photo: Jenny Wells
  • Kammo Johanna & MES Niggie Photo courtesy of Carina Erasmus
  • Photo courtesy of Jenny Wells
  • Kleinsandfontein Callie & Hila Photo courtesy of Beverli Steenkamp
  • Janieka Vince Photo courtesy of Monica Sciocatti
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News & Notices

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Welcome to the South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society (SABBS), breeders’ society for the Boerboel - a declared South African landrace.

SABBS is the only organisation authorised in terms of the SA Animal Improvement Act, No. 62 of 1998 (AIA) to officially register Boerboels. As legally registered custodian of the Boerboel dog breed, SABBS is responsible for the standards that govern identification, recording, evaluation and improvement of the breed.

SABBS became operational in September 2014. Already, more than 650 Boerboel breeders and owners worldwide have joined SABBS. Persons interested in this unique dog breed are advised to insist on verification of the status of members and registration status of any dog offered as a Boerboel.

SABBS encourages member participation in tailoring the future of this new breeders’ society - the most important of which is the complete review of the SABBS Constitution and Boerboel Breed Standard. Visitors should therefore note that a number of documents are published as drafts at present.

SABBS logo and web banner

The SABBS logo shows the Boerboel in silhouette, emphasizing its South African origin. It is standing on Table Mountain - a well-known South African beacon. Africa is roughly delineated in the colours of the SA flag. All are integrated with the Globe, as symbol of the presence of the Boerboel internationally.

The web banner shows the Cradle of Humankind, renowned as the place where humankind originated, and one of eight World Heritage sites in South Africa. It is here that the first hominid, Australopithecus, was discovered in 1924 at Taung in the North West Province by Professor Raymond Dart of the University of the Witwatersrand. Photo: Courtesy of Flow Communications.

SABBS is proud to place the Boerboel in this historic and global context as part of our commitment to preserving and promoting this uniquely South African heritage.

Codes of Conduct

SABBS expects of its community of members to subscribe to specific ethical rules of conduct. These Codes of Conduct are contained in Bylaw G of the SABBS Constitution and apply to:

  1. Members and Owners
  2. Breeders
  3. Appraisers
  4. Board Members
  5. Regional Representatives

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The SABBS Constitution and Bylaws (including the Codes of Conduct) are drafts. These 2nd draft revisions are now online for members’ comment and proposals, which must reach the Interim Steering Committee via office@sabbs.org before 7 April 2015. Thereafter, 3rd and final revisions will be presented for voting and ratification by all members eligible to vote at a general meeting during June/July 2015 at the latest. Members will receive due notifications of the process via direct e-mail as well.

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