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When used in this Constitution and associated Bylaws unless a contrary meaning is apparent from the context:

Act means the Animal Improvement Act, 1998 (Act No. 62 of 1998) or any subsequent legislation having similar objectives than the said Act, and includes the regulations promulgated in terms thereof.

Animal means a dog of the Boerboel breed registered or eligible for recording or registration in the Boerboel Database, and the words “dogs”, “whelp/whelps”, “dam/s”, “female/s” “bitch/bitches”, “male/s”, “dog/s” and “sire/s” have the same meaning.

Animal breeders society means a group of persons - registered in terms of Section 8(7)(a)(i) of the Act - promoting the breeding, recording or registration, the genetic improvement and the use of a kind of animal or an animal of a specified breed of such kind of animal; determining and applying breed standards; and recommending - in its sole discretion - the recording or registration of an animal or a specified breed of a kind of animal, bred in or imported into South Africa or another country.

Appraiser means a member of the Society - approved by the Board for training - and having passed prescribed theory and practical examinations to appraise dogs for registration as Boerboels in accordance with the Society's Breed Standard. The appraiser categories are: apprentice appraiser, appraiser and senior appraiser.

Birth means the birth of a whelp.

Birth recording means the procedure whereby the birth of an animal is placed in the records of the Society’s Registering Authority.

Board means the Board of the Society, duly elected in terms of the Constitution.

Boerboel means a declared South African landrace dog, meeting all the requirements of the Breed Standard and other conditions determined by the Society for registration as a Boerboel.

Boerboel Database means the database kept by the Registering Authority through and for the Society to record the details of all animals to be accepted in specific registers, and in terms of the requirements of the Constitution of the Society and the Animal Improvement Act.

Breed means a population of animals, producing uniformity in breed standard and performance.

Breeder means a breeder member of SABBS who is the registered owner of a breeding female at the time of natural or artificial conception, or at the birth of the progeny.

Breed Standard means a written set of phenotypic and/or genotypic standards determined and applied in terms of this Constitution to provide for the breeding, identification and promotion of genetically superior animals.

Buyer means the person or persons to whom ownership/joint ownership of an animal is transferred by the owner of such an animal.

Bylaws means an annexure to the Constitution. It contains a set of operational rules or policies (which should be read with the Constitution) that expand the articles of the Constitution, specifying information which makes provision for managing and regulating the affairs of the Society which can refer to in day-to-day business. The Bylaws are consistent with the Constitution but can be revised by the Board as needed to reflect changing realities.

Constitution means the Constitution (inclusive of the Bylaws) of the Society.

Database – see Boerboel Database.

Department means the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa.

Dismissal means a member is dismissed from the Society and may not reapply for membership at any given time. A 30 day exit period will be applied once notification of dismissal has been communicated.

Exit strategy means a 30 day period process to allow for the protection and safeguarding of all affected dogs after a member is dismissed.

Head Office is the physical and official address of the head quarters of the Society for the official receipt and despatch of correspondence, formal notices and documents from and to the Society by members, government and financial institutions, service providers, and other relevant parties.

Landrace means a specific breed of a kind of animal indigenous to, or developed in South Africa.

Members means all natural persons or registered entities eligible for membership of the Society, who are in good standing according to the records of the Society.

Minister means the Minister responsible for the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in South Africa.

Office bearer means a person elected by the members, or appointed or co-opted to the Board or a standing committee to a specific position within the Society, and who has agreed to accept specific responsibilities during his term of office.

Official means a person appointed to a specific position by any institution or organisation - including the Society - in (a) a permanent salaried capacity; or (b) a person qualified and appointed as an appraiser of Boerboel dogs; or (c) a person selected to act ad hoc as an official at a show, or to assist with the organising of events under the auspices of the Society.

Owner means the person who legally owns an animal, and is entitled to have it recorded or registered in his name.

Polling officer means an independent person designated by the Board to manage the voting process for general meetings.

Registering means the procedure of registering an animal in the Boerboel Database by the Society's Registering Authority.

Registering Authority means a body registered in terms of Section 8 (7)(a)(ii) of the Animal Improvement Act, and appointed by the Society to record and register animals on its behalf in the Boerboel Database.

Registers means the registers determined by the Society for the recording and registration of dogs in the Boerboel Database to indicate their registration status.

Registrar means the officer designated as Registrar of Animal Improvement in terms of the Act.

Secretary means a person appointed by the Board to work in a fulltime and salaried capacity in the Head Office of the Society in South Africa to execute administrative financial and management functions in support of the Board and members, as defined in the job description for this position.

Seller means the person or persons being the owner/co-owner(s) of an animal according to the records of the Society or, in the case of an imported animal, the owner in the country of origin who disposes of such an animal;

Semen collector means a person who collects, evaluates, processes, packs or stores semen, or who carries out the artificial insemination of an animal, and who is registered as such in terms of Section 8(6)(a) of the Act in respect of the kind of animal for which he has completed the prescribed course of instruction.

Society means the South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society (SABBS).

Suspension means a certain period during which no services shall be rendered to the member concerned.

Termination means no services shall be rendered to the member. The member has the right to reapply for membership, whereby the Board will decide if application is granted or dismissed.

Other words, abbreviations and phrases in this Constitution, not defined above shall, unless a contrary meaning clearly appears from the context, have the same meaning assigned thereto in the Act.

In this Constitution, unless the contrary intention appears clearly from the context, words referring to persons in the masculine gender shall include females; words in the singular shall include the plural, and words in the plural shall include the singular. Where figures are referred to in numerals and in words - if there is any conflict - the words shall prevail. Where any number of days is referred to, it shall be reckoned exclusively of the first and inclusively of the last day.


bona fide: in good faith

en route: on, or along the way

ex officio: by virtue of their office

mutatis mutandis: the necessary changes

in absentia: not present

inter alia: among other things

in utero: within the womb