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SABBS is currently functioning in terms of its original Constitution, as amended on 6 December 2014, which can be downloaded here, until the Registrar of Animal Improvement in the South African Government’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries approves the Constitution approved by the members at the Special General Meeting of SABBS held on 11 July 2015.

The publication of the 3rd Draft Revised Constitution and Bylaws (including the Codes of Conduct and Breed Standard) concludes the period for comment since 6 November 2014. These 3rd drafts contain comments and motions received from members and the Constitutional Review Team to be voted on – (in person or electronically in absentia) - at the Special General Meeting (SGM) on 11 July 2015 (Final Notice and Agenda sent to members and published here on 10 June 2015).

Members are urged to read these documents in detail in order to take informed decisions, and to vote responsibly for the acceptance of a final SABBS Constitution that will enable the Society to become fully operational.

Please note that the text on this page reflects the 2nd Draft Revised Constitution and/or Bylaws. The 3rd Revision is available as a download only.