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Deferral of the 2020 SABBS Annual General Meeting and 2020 SABBS International Boerboel Show

Dear SABBS Member

Deferral of the 2020 SABBS Annual General Meeting and 2020 SABBS International Boerboel Show

We live in very uncertain times. The Covid-19 pandemic is ravaging many countries around the world and sadly, new infections and deaths continue to rise. In South Africa, statistics appear to improve, but behind the numbers, there are real people — families — who are severely affected. Not only by the disease, but also by the socio-economic fallout of months of lockdown. Our own community, the Boerboel world, has also been touched by the awful disease Covid-19, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone dealing with illness and loss.

In light of the uncertainty and continued threat the pandemic poses, the Board has come to difficult conclusion that the Annual General Meeting and the International Boerboel Show cannot take place at their usual place in our annual calendar.

After consulting SA Stud Book and several other organisations, the board has decided to defer both events. The Board recognises that the Annual General Meeting is mandated by the SABBS Constitution. However, the extraordinary circumstances we all face require extraordinary decisions. The AGM is therefore deferred to February/March 2021. A consulted decision regarding the International Show will be taken at an appropriate time.

The development of the pandemic will be carefully monitored over the coming months. The Board will make an advised decision closer to the time and keep members appraised of developments.

We would like to call on everyone individually to do their part in stopping the spread of the virus. Wear a mask. Maintain social distance. Protect the vulnerable. Save Lives. The South African Government’s Coronavirus Resource Portal can be accessed at https://sacoronavirus.co.za.



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