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Regional Shows and Continuation of Zoom Appraisals: Remainder of 2020

The SABBS Board would like to inform all members of the following decisions that have been made.

  1. Regional Shows in South Africa:
    • In light of the Government of South Africa’s decision to move to Lockdown level 1, Regional Representatives will arrange for Regional Shows in their respective areas, dependent on availability of sponsorships, venues, and time restraints.
    • Some regions will also plan combined shows.
    • We do however have to comply to all COVID -19 regulations as set out by the Government.
    • Members will be informed about the arrangements for each region via E mail from the Office.
    • All Regional Shows will comply to Bylaw: H (Regional Shows)
  2. Continuation of Zoom Appraisals:
    • Zoom appraisal will continue for the remainder of 2020.
    • Dates and more information will be communicated to all members via e-mail.
    • The opportunity will be afforded for reappraisal of breeder’s dogs that did not pass their appraisals.

For more information in this regard please e-mail the Office at .


The original notice is available here