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Zoom Appraisals continue in the first half of 2021

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Dear SABBS Member

The Coronavirus is a reality and is still an ongoing problem and has a major effect on our physical appraisal events.

We are uncertain as to when life as we know it will begin to normalise, but for now, we must make the best of the situation we find ourselves in. Due to these circumstances, it is important to stress that we will continue to make slight changes to improve the process of the appraisals throughout the year as we go along, but also keep the safety of our members and appraisers in mind.

The Board has decided that SABBS will continue with Zoom Appraisals for an undetermined time. Shows, however, will be cancelled until further notice.

Requirements for Zoom appraisals

  • All requirements as set out in Bylaws F of the Constitution will still apply.
  • Only SABBS registered dogs are allowed.
  • Only first-time appraisals will be accepted.
  • The dogs will be appraised via live stream with a Senior Appraiser.
  • No Basic Section (BS) Development dogs will be appraised via live stream appraisals.
  • The dogs must still be 12 months and older to qualify for appraisal.
  • If you do not own a scanner you can consider requesting your local veterinarian to assist you with one.
  • In certain instances there may be a requirement that the Zoom appraisal may be facilitated at a venue if there is not a scanner available.


  • We will follow our year programme as advertised in the Diary.
  • The entry form will be available on our webpage.
  • The entry fees must be paid prior to the event and the proof of payment must be sent with the entry form to the Office.
  • Entries close a week prior to the event.
  • The Office or an allocated Board member will allocate a time slot for each entry.
  • We will only be able to accommodate 50 entries per planned/advertised appraisal event.
  • The first 50 entries received via e-mail will be allocated a number in order to remain within our allocation of 50 entries only.
  • It is important to stress that a timeslot will be allocated and communicated to you which you will need to adhere to. We will not be able on the day to swap time slots around to accommodate any change of plans. If you are late, you will lose your time slot.
  • No late entries will be accepted. All entries will need to be e-mailed to the Office before the advertised cut-off date.
  • You may enter any planned/advertised Zoom appraisal event irrespective of your province.


  • Zoom appraisals are to be done near Wi-Fi or where there is particularly good internet reception.
  • No gatherings before or after the appraisal are allowed. Covid-19 protocol must be followed at all times.
  • The dog must be scanned during the appraisal.
  • The person responsible for the recording process will need to be able to move around.
  • There must be a measuring tape available if the appraiser might need to confirm the dog’s height.
  • The Appraiser will complete the appraisal chart and sign it off. He will not know the percentage of the appraisal.
  • The Appraiser will send the score chart to the Office to tally the appraisal score. The Office will send the results via e-mail to the owner by the next Wednesday after the event.

Logging in for a Zoom appraisal

  • Download the Zoom Application prior to the event.
  • A Zoom meeting ID and password will be sent to the participant that will enable you to log in during your allocated timeslot.
  • Use the link to log in.
  • Select the option Join with Video.
  • Select Join with Audio.
  • Select Call over internet.
  • When the host has accepted you into the meeting, you will have to switch the phone to use the back camera of your device.

Please note that this is not the norm but an exception to the rule in order to still provide a service to our members while still having to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Re-appraisals will not be considered during the first couple of months. The Board is working on how we can accommodate any requests for re-appraisals.

We find ourselves in difficult times, but with your cooperation and understanding, we as a Society will work through this together.





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