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Boerboel eNews - December 2017


As we look back over these past twelve months, we know that it has been about as full a year as we can remember.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here already – where did this year go!

Each year seems to have its own character – there are always challenges, and maybe a low point here and there, but more often than not, they are sprinkled with many highlights which bring joy and gladness to our wonderful breed.

We are particularly aware that the success of SABBS rests upon the valuable support of our members, the hard work of the Office, Board and appraisers who so generously volunteer and give of their time. Let us take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication.

Regardless of your current level of involvement, we challenge you to become more engaged with the Society next year.

We look forward to your continuing support and encourage your active participation in our 2018 programme which is already posted on our website. We are always pleased to have your suggestions for events, especially if this is backed by a willingness to help make it happen!

Please contact any of the relevant committees in the new year to discuss your ideas and any other issues you would like to bring to our attention.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a New Year filled with peace, joy, productivity and prosperity.


The Registrar's Office has requested us to clarify the application procedure for Export/Import permits.

Please note that:

  • If you are exporting multiple dogs to a single country at the same time, you must apply for a single export permit; and
  • if you are exporting dogs to different countries, you must apply for a permit for each country.
  • Both the Registrar's and SABBS application fees are levied per application and NOT per dog.
  • Payments for multiple applications to the Registrar must be made in separate payments.
  • The Registrar’s banking details have changed.

Please refer to Services >> Export & Import for compete details.


The Office has distributed the annual per capita documents to all members by e-mail.

This is your opportunity to check the accuracy of the information of dogs recorded against your name. Please check the details and make appropriate corrections before submitting the completed list back to the Office.

Both per capita and membership dues are due by 31 January 2018.


The SABBS Offices will close for the holidays at noon on 15 December 2017, and will reopen on 15 January 2018.

We wish Marisa, Lynn, and their families a well-deserved rest.


SABBS Europe organised their first and very successful Workshop in November this year, which was attended by 29 people from all over Europe. Although not everybody was fluent in English, being their second language, explaining what the Breed Standard and the Linear System is all about went really well. The senior appraisers of Europe also seized this opportunity to come on par with the application of the linear appraisal system.

2017 workshop nl web 2e17b

A very big thank you to Ruud and Nancy for organising this event, and a great show and appraisal on the following day.


A very successful workshop was also held in Heilbron in the Free State during November 2017. Shupi Chimhini and Billy Slate travelled all the way from Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom respectively to attend the workshop.

2017 workshop fs web 8e5ea

In addition to detailed instruction on the Breed Standard and Linear Appraisal System provided by Anemarí Pretorius and Kenny van der Merwe, Betsie Terre’Blanche provided a thought-provoking presentation on corrective breeding that tied it all together. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks to the Terrible Twins for the use of the group photo as well as the photos of the workshop posted on the SABBS for Boerboel Enthusiasts Facebook Group.


The Boerboel Database, housed on SA Stud Book’s Logix system, is more than just a recording system for Boerboel pedigrees. Accessible to every SABBS member, it provides powerful tools to inform breeding decision making.

The success of these tools is, however, dependent on breeders’ utilisation of the system. Breeders are therefore encouraged to familiarise themselves with Logix and to use the system themselves to administer the details of their studs.

The following two screen images are examples of the details captured in respect of litters.

litter summary 9694b
Litter Summary

puppy details 9f9ec
Puppy Details

The system makes provision for extensive information regarding both the litter as a whole, and each individual puppy. When captured completely and honestly, this information adds invaluable health data that breeders can use in their mating decision making.

Breeders are encouraged to download and study the Logix User Guide (PDF).

Logix can be accessed at http://www.logix.org.za. To register as a new user, visit http://www.logix.org.za/newlogix/Registration.php. Enquiries can be directed to Herman Labuschagne at +27 57 410 0988 or by e-mail at .


A printable copy of the December issue of the Boerboel eNews can be downloaded here.