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Boerboel eNews - December 2020

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Christmas Message

2020 will always be remembered for the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Millions have died contracting the disease, even in the Boerboel world we lost dear friends. Many are suffering from the economic and social effects from lockdowns, job losses and loss of income. Travel is highly restricted; recreation and sporting events have been severely affected and everyone now wears face masks and understands the importance of washing hands. Even with all that’s happening around the globe, we hope all members will have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always.

Office Closed for the Holidays

The SABBS Office is closed for the holidays from 15 December 2020 and will reopen on 11 January 2021.

We wish Marisa, Lynn, and their families a well-deserved rest.

To all the members, we wish you a blessed holiday season, and safe returns in 2021. Join hands with us and let’s make 2021 the best we can!

COVID-19 Membership Fee Relief

To support SABBS members worldwide during this challenging time that has caused unique hardship for us all, SABBS will not increase the annual membership fees for 2021. SABBS membership is important to the Society.

Membership Renewal and Per Capita Notices

The Office has distributed the annual per capita documents to all members by e-mail.

This is your opportunity to check the accuracy of the information of dogs recorded against your name. Please check the details and make appropriate corrections before submitting the completed list back to the Office.

Both per capita and membership dues are due by 31 January 2021.

2021 Calendar

Our calendar is available on the webpage under the Diary link. The full provisional diary for 2021 will be available from 11 January 2021.

Co-opted Board Members

Due to the unforeseen passing of Kenny van der Merwe, the Executive Committee made a joint decision to implement the inclusion of two members into the current Board with full voting rights. Please refer to Clause of the SABBS Constitution.

"CO-OPTED MEMBERS The Board shall have the right to co-opt persons to serve on the Board - with or without full powers - for a specific purpose and for a specific period."

The SABBS Board would like to welcome the following two members as Co-opted Board Members until the Functional Board comes into effect.

  • Anemarí Pretorius, and
  • Koos van der Westhuizen

We thank them for their continued support to SABBS during this difficult time.

Show Feedback

Eastern Cape — Slipperfields Show

What an awesome, albeit a little windy, day was had by all attending the SABBS Eastern Cape Show held at the Slipperfields Market on 1 November 2020.

A total of 68 dogs were entered into the show and the crowd were treated to some of the best Boerboels in South Africa — yes, we even had entries from the Western Cape and Free State!

Congratulations go to Neville Comley with Font Silver Bullet for winning Dog of the Day, as well as Male Grand Champion — well deserved accolades for a magnificent Boerboel!

In addition, congratulations go to Elevation Mica for winning Female Grand Champion.

Slipperfields ShowFemale Grand Champion Elevation Mica (l) and Dog of the Day Font Silver Bullet (r)

Thanks go to all the organisers and assistants on the day, as without their continued support, the show would not be able to go on!

Western Cape Regional Show

The Western Cape Regional Show was held on the 7th November in Goodwood, Cape Town.

We would like to thank our Judges Anemarí Pretorius and Thys von Solms for helping us on the day and guiding us with their knowledge.

We want to thank everyone who entered and spent the day with us. We had a lovely day with friends and their dogs.

Congratulations to all the class winners on this the day and especially to Ederies Mokadam with the Dog of the day, Klopdisselboom Tank.

Western Cape Regional ShowDog of the Day: Klopdisselboom Tank

He is really an impressive male with good Boerboel qualities.

A huge thanks to our sponsor Optimizer for making the show possible.


The BIG SHOW was organised by S’Marie Engelbrecht in Germiston, Gauteng and took place on Saturday 14 November 2020. We want to thank S ‘Marie and her team for all the arrangements of the day including food stalls.

Optimizer’s Niki assisted on short notice with food prizes and without Optimizer’s generous support we will not be able to host these events.

The BIG SHOWDog of the Day: Kilian Ivanka

We want to congratulate all the class winners of the day. The Dog of the day was Kilian Ivanka.

Requirements for Semen Donors

Please familiarize yourself with the criteria for Using, Exporting or Importing Frozen Semen and the regulations that coincide with that. Illegally exporting semen is the same as illegally exporting a dog. Registered Semen Donors can be viewed here.

Requirements for Dogs to be Registered as Semen Donors

  • Owners of the semen donors must be SABBS members.
  • The dog must be DNA tested.
  • The dog must be microchipped.
  • The dog must be appraised.
  • A health certificate of the hips (between A1 and C2) must be provided.
  • A health certificate of the elbows (0:0 or 0:1) must be provided
  • Female dogs must provide a Vaginal Hyperplasia report.

Frozen Semen in Storage

All frozen semen stored for future use must be registered with the Registrar of Animal Improvement. The following information concerning the specific animal from which the semen was collected must accompany applications:

  • An extended pedigree,
  • a DNA profile and
  • confirmation of parentage by SABBS.

If the semen was collected and not DNA tested before SABBS becoming operational (September 2014), it must be tested in order for the offspring to be registered.

The Registrar uses the form: Application to Export/ Import for the registration of frozen semen as well.

Contact the Office for assistance with registration applications and currency conversion of the fee charged by the Registrar.

For further information you can visit the Frozen Semen page.

Breeder in the Spotlight

Klein Sandfontein Boerboels — Owner Beverli Katz

KS HueyKlein Sandfontein Huey

When did you start breeding, and why Boerboels?

I met my first Boerboel in my boarding kennels in around 1999. I fell in love with this puppy and the “Boerboel bug” bit me hard right there. I was encouraged to investigate breeding them and hence, my long journey began with many visits to various breeders all over South Africa.

Which lines played an important role in your foundation dogs?

Definitely the original Ysterberg Boerboels and also the Middelpos and Maranata dogs played a huge role in who my dogs are today, and that specific Klein Sandfontein look came mainly from the Ysterberg dogs.

What advice will you give to new breeders?

Do your homework first. Find a breeder that you trust and admire and stick there. Be prepared to keep your own dogs back and form your own breeding bloodline.

How do you choose the correct owners for your puppies?

I have quite a bit of interaction with each person before we get to purchasing a puppy and I am not shy at asking all the questions that concern me first. Those that are offended need not buy from me, as those that are true “dog people” will appreciate that I care enough to know who will be the guardians to my pups and that they will be well loved and cared for their whole lives.

What do you feed your dogs? Raw/kibble or both and which brand. Any tips on feeding?

My dogs are on kibble, rooibos tea & milk for breakfast and in the evenings, I prefer to cook their chicken/beef or ostrich with as many vegetables as I can get for them every single day. This is added to their kibble. I do not take short-cuts with their nutrition, as you might get away with “cheap” food in the beginning, but not for long. To continuously have healthy producing dogs, you need to feed them well.

Currently my dogs are on Amigo Integrity Puppy or Adult.

I change the brand at least once or twice a year to make sure that I maintain the standard of nutrition that is required.

What dog made you the proudest breeder?

Klein Sandfontein Benji and Klein Sandfontein Huey.

KS HueyKlein Sandfontein Huey

What is more important in your breeding programme: male or female?

Both are equally important. Without either, you will get nowhere. Finding top-notch males is much harder than finding the females.

What is the one tip you will share with new breeders?

Always use a “Brand name” (a male stud dog that has proved himself in the show ring and bred super progeny. He should be a household name) stud to market your puppies until you are well known yourself.

How many dogs do you currently have?

52 Boerboels and 46 puppies.

How important is a good relationship with your veterinarian?

I cannot stress enough how important this is. Without a super veterinarian team behind you, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to function as a breeder on the long term. I have the Overberg Veterinary Hospital in Caledon as my vet team.

My Own Story

Fuller Prince Vados — Our Fast Cat — by Mary Johns — USA

Evaluating each of our Boerboel’s individual personality is one of the things I find valuable in determining how to engage with them in a working capacity. From the first moment that I decided upon bringing our male Fuller’s Prince Vados home, I made note that he was an extremely observant pup. He has always had a strong desire to please at any task given, as well as having amazing focus. His personality is very driven and along with his strong prey drive, these specific characteristics have made training with him an adventure. He loves working daily on our small hobby farm, swimming at the river for exercise, exploring the property, and running beside the tractor daily for feeding and various farm chores.

At the age of three months old we decided to attend a few conformation shows in which he did well. Over time, I knew these events were not what fully captured his attention. We had heard of the event called Fast Cat, which is a timed course designed in a straight pattern for dogs to chase a lure for 100-yard dash. With understanding his personality and enthusiasm for the chase, we decided to sign him up for the working event. Upon arrival, to our surprise, there were over 130 dog entries, of which Fuller’s Prince Vados was the only Boerboel signed up for the weekend. It was an amazing two days full of intensity and adrenaline. We were impressed watching his performance and had many individuals inquire about his breed due to his physique, speed, and size. He finished the weekend with his fastest time recorded at 25.86 miles per hour and with his average of three fastest timed runs, he ended up being the #1 ranked Boerboel for the year 2019 through the American Kennel Club. After his performance at the event, we were asked by a local kennel club to give a presentation on the Boerboel due to how impressed they were with the breed.

Fuller Prince VadosFuller Prince Vados

We were blessed with the opportunity to be invited to the 2020 American Kennel Club Fast Cat Invitational to represent the Boerboel breed. We are looking forward to what the year 2021 has in his future with the Fast Cat events offered in our local area, as well as searching for other opportunities that he will excel in.

Black Iron Huan setting a new course record in wheight pulling - by Rod Newman

Black Iron Huan owned by Rod Newman set a course record and personal best in weight pulling. He participated in the Unlimited weight class and pulled 1250 pounds (566 kg), 16 feet (4.8 metres) in 19.53 seconds.

Black Iron HuanBlack Iron Huan

Here are the basics. Dogs pull the cart with added weight each round. They have one minute to pull the cart 16 feet. This is a timed event so the dog that pulls the most weight, the fastest, wins his/her weight class. There are weight classes starting at 1-10 lbs, 11-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100, 101-125, 126-150 and 150-unlimited. Black Iron Huan pulls in the unlimited weight class.

This sport originated with sled dogs so some venues in the US have pulls on snow with sleds. Here in Tennessee, due to lack of snow, we use a cart instead of a sled. The top three dogs in each weight class from each region can go on to compete nationally. Huan just went pro this year so he will probably compete at the nationals if they are close enough.

There are two overall classes as well. Novice for beginners and Pro for experienced dogs.

You can read more about it by the following link: IWPA - International Weight Pull Association - Pull Results

Appraisal Statistics - 2018 to 2020

Due to COVID-19, ZOOM appraisals were used as an interim measure during the lockdown stages in various countries. This was really appreciated by most members and the average between dogs appraised live in 2019 vs 2020 Zoom appraisals is really minor.

Dogs Appraised from 2018 to 2020

Dogs Appraised per Country

Average Appraisal Scores 2018 - 2020

Average Appraisal Score per Country

Average Score of Appraisers 2018 - 2020

Average Score per Appraiser

Dogs Appraised via Zoom per Event and Average Scores

The issues picked up with Zoom Appraisals mainly relate to poorly socialized dogs and owners unable to show their dogs’ bite.

2020 Zoom Appraisals