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Registration of Boerboels with Organisations other than SABBS Operating in South Africa - Letter 2016/03

17 November 2016

Dear Member


Members are advised that section 15, read with section 25, of the Animal Improvement Act (AIA), Act 62 of 1998, makes it illegal for anyone other than SABBS, to:

  • represent or claim to represent breeders of stud book Boerboels as an animal breeders’ society;
  • advertise that he or she promotes the breeding, recording or registration, genetic improvement and use of a Boerboel; or
  • determine and apply breed standards or recommend the recording or registration of a Boerboel bred in or imported into South Africa.

It is also illegal in terms of section 15, read with section 25, of the AIA for anyone other than SA Stud Book, on behalf of SABBS, to:

  • issue a certificate of registration of a Boerboel bred in or imported into South Africa;
  • issue a certificate of recording of a Boerboel bred in or imported into South Africa; or
  • issue a certificate with reference to the particulars of the pedigree of a Boerboel bred in or imported into South Africa.

Members are advised that anyone advertising that they are legitimately performing any of the above functions, e.g. appraisals or issuance of registration certificates, in South Africa, are misleading them and the public and may be prosecuted in accordance with the said legislation, and where applicable, subjected to disciplinary proceedings in accordance with provisions of the SABBS Constitution. Consequently, the “dual registration” of Boerboels with other organisations operating in South Africa is prohibited.

In this regard, it has come to the Board’s attention that an organisation calling themselves the South African Black Mastiff Association (SABMA) has invited SABBS members to attend a so-called appraisal in Edenville, Free State on 19 November 2016. The organisation states that all dogs need to be reappraised by them and only previously registered dogs with a traceable pedigree will be accepted. This is a reference to SABBS-registered Boerboels.

The Board hereby places on record that:

  • SABMA is not a registered breeders’ society,
  • no dog breed called “Black Mastiff” has been declared as a breed and it therefore does not exist, and
  • SABMA is a privately-owned company registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in South Africa.

Members are strongly advised that they must not allow their Boerboels to be turned into a dog of another “breed”.

Any Boerboels found to be registered on any database that is advertised or understood to be a registry of an organisation actively operating in South Africa, and whose registration on such a database took place under the circumstances described above, will be removed permanently as a stud book animal from the SABBS Database. A certificate of registration or recording issued by such an organisation, or at face value giving the impression to be such a certificate, will be prima facie evidence of said registration. No offspring produced by any dog so removed after the date from which said removal is effective, shall be eligible for registration on the SABBS Database, either directly or via the development register.

Members who:

  • are found to have registered any Boerboel(s) with any organisation actively operating in South Africa as described in section 15 of the AIA, may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the SABBS Constitution.

This ruling applies to members in South Africa and all dogs recorded, registered, or eligible for recording or registration on the SABBS Database in South Africa.

Koos van der Westhuizen
On behalf of the Board