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What is SA Stud Book?

A breeders’ society must have a registered registering authority, and there may be only one registering authority per breed. A breeders’ society may apply to act as its own registering authority, but most of them prefer to delegate this function to an established registering authority, that is structured to ensure that international standards are not compromised.

Regulations include certification that the recording system complies with international norms and standards. Registration certificates and pedigrees enjoy official status only if issued by a registered registering authority. SABBS appointed SA Stud Book and Animal Improvement Association (hereafter referred to as Stud Book) as its registering authority. Stud Book is the only registering authority specifically mentioned as such in the AIA, as it has been a registering authority since 1905.

The breeders’ societies that use the services of Stud Book manage Stud Book and its assets. One representative (breeder) per 100 or part of 100 members represents the breeders' societies on the AGM. These representatives nominate a Council of eight stud breeders. Each year, there is a special annual budget meeting where the member societies approve the Stud Book budget and fees (tariffs) for services. The breeders' societies each determine their annual membership fees independently.

Stud Book is required by law to meet certain registration requirements, and it must follow the Constitution and Breed Standard set by SABBS in its Constitution, as approved by the Registrar of Animal Improvement. It is not prescriptive on how societies should run their affairs (e.g. in respect of breed standards and registration requirements), as long as SABBS meets the legal and constitutional requirements.

Members of SABBS do not ‘join’ Stud Book. SABBS is Stud Book’s member and the members of SABBS are participants of Stud Book’s services. In South Africa, Stud Book may also not register the dogs of a breeder that is not a SABBS member.

Stud Book has the capacity and infrastructure to provide cost-effective benefits and services, e.g. data capturing, recordkeeping, data processing and statistical information via the Logix system - one of the most efficient animal identification, recording and improvement systems.

Through Stud Book paid-up members have, among others, 24-hour Internet access to do registrations, call up pedigrees, do cancellations and obtain inventories, appraisal reports, etc.

Stud Book is a registered registering authority, and does registrations for 64 of 73 registered animal breeders’ societies in South Africa, and a number of others abroad. They already register the following dog breeds: Boxers, Greyhound and the Boerwindhond. Stud Book is also recognised by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) and is audited by them every three years. It renders a full-scale animal recording service for birth and pedigree recording, as well as for the production recording of various species and genetic evaluations.