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Import & Export

The Boerboel is a declared landrace of South Africa, and the Act stipulates that the Registrar of Animal Improvement must issue permits for the export and import of all landrace animals and genetic material (semen, ova and embryos). He will grant such permits on recommendation of SABBS and Stud Book only, and if they certify on the relevant application form that 'the animals/genetic material meet with the requirements...”

It is important that members who want to import or export dogs check beforehand whether they and their offspring will be eligible for registration with SABBS.

The office of the Registrar of Animal Improvement has set a turnaround period of 30 (thirty) days for the approval and issuing of export permits. The exporter does not have to personally submit or collect the application or permit, but it is advisable to make regular enquiries in respect of progress.

The application form mentioned above, is also used for the export of semen. Persons wishing to import or export semen, must comply with the requirements of the Act. Refer specifically to:

  1. Art 8 (1) (a) (b);
  2. Art 8 (6) (a) (b) (c);
  3. Art 8 (8)
  4. and the whole Art 16.

Members are welcome to request SABBS’ assistance with the submission of import and export applications. SABBS will evaluate the dog concerned and write a letter of motivation, where after it will be forwarded Stud Book for processing.

  1. Exporters must complete the form Application to Export: Animals/Embryos/Ova/Semen. The information required includes:
    • Names and addresses of exporter and buyer.
    • Stud name and name, registration number, microchip number and sex of the animal to be exported.
    • Certification/approval of the application by SABBS/Stud Book.
  2. The birth certificate of the animal to be exported must be attached.
  3. The current cost of the export permit is R335.00 per certificate.