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Breeders and owners are free to choose to operate within or outside the Act. The advantage of having dogs registered with SABBS is that its documentation enjoys official recognition; dogs’ data is officially verified; and they may be called “Boerboels”. All others may be referred to as Boerboel “types” only. SABBS may also take action against a non-registered non-member who purports to sell dogs as registered Boerboels, or tries to export them without export permits.

Members of the public will soon realise the value of Boerboels with officially recognised documentation.

Any breeder or owner anywhere in the world may apply for SABBS membership and registration of their Boerboels via Stud Book.

Paid-up SABT/SABBA members automatically migrated to SABBS, following on a resolution of the SGM on 5 May 2012. Their subscriptions were paid pro rata for the remainder of 2014 to SABBS. New members, who join now, will receive membership until end 2015. There is also a once-off fee for the registration of a stud (kennel) name with Stud Book, if applicable. Details of fees for services are available from Marisa Nel.


SABBS membership is open to all Boerboel breeders, and it is fully committed to ensuring that all members will have a say in decision-taking.

However, SABBS’ original Constitution (www.sabbs.org/Constitution/OriginalConst_20120313.pdf) does not provide for electronic voting to enable all members to vote. To address this and other shortcomings of the Constitution certain constitutional processes – also required in terms of the Act – must be followed first. This will include:

Process up to 6 December 2014

11.1     The original Constitution was accepted as interim from the onset, but changes can be made by a two-third majority vote of members eligible to vote (i.e. paid up SABBS members) at an a general meeting (AGM or SGM).

11.2     Consequently, an Annual General Meeting was convened as a matter of urgency for 6 December 2014. Members who join now:

  • Will be eligible to vote at the meeting (regrettably not electronically yet).
  • Will receive the final Notice and Agenda (to be published in public forums as well).
  • Will officially receive the concepts of the revised Constitution and the proposed Boerboel Breed Standard on 6 November.

11.3     Purpose of the AGM on 6 December:

Approval and ratification of proposals by the Steering Committee and members that will include:

  • To obtain authorisation from the members present that changes may be made to the existing original Constitution (not the revised concept).
  • To obtain authorisation from the members present to include electronic voting in the current Constitution so that all members will have the opportunity to vote at future general meetings (in absentia or in person).
  • Voting by members present on options for an alternate structure for the Board.
  • To obtain authorisation from the members present to include the Breed Standard in the Constitution, so that in future changes may be made only if voted on and agreed to by members via a general meeting.

Process planning after 6 December 2014

11.4     Receipt and processing of feedback and comment on the concepts of the revised Constitution and the proposed Breed Standard - Jan. 2015

11.5     Preliminary Notice of Special General Meeting - Jan. 2015

  • Scheduled to obtain approval of changes to the Constitution.
  • Call for nominations and written nominations for Board members.
  • Confirmation of election procedures.

11.6     Special General Meeting: End Feb./ Early March 2015

  • Voting on revised Constitution – clause by clause.
  • Voting on proposed Breed Standard with alternatives, if indicated.
  • Election of the first SABBS Board.

Therefore, it will take a little while for SABBS to become fully operational. But members and the whole Boerboel community now have the opportunity to be actively involved and to give input towards the establishing of an organisation in place that all Boerboel breeders and owners will want to associate with, and be proud of.


The intentions of the Animal Improvement Act (AIA), hereafter referred to as the Act, are ‘To provide for the breeding, identification and utilisation of genetically superior animals in order to improve the production and performance of animals in the interest of the Republic; and to provide for matters connected therewith.’ It allows for the registration of only one breeders’ society per breed. As legally registered custodian of the Boerboel breed, SABBS is responsible for the standards that manage identification, recording, evaluation and improvement of the breed.