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Breeders and owners are free to choose to operate within or outside the Act. The advantage of having dogs registered with SABBS is that its documentation enjoys official recognition; dogs’ data is officially verified; and they may be called “Boerboels”. All others may be referred to as Boerboel “types” only. SABBS may also take action against a non-registered non-member who purports to sell dogs as registered Boerboels, or tries to export them without export permits.

Members of the public will soon realise the value of Boerboels with officially recognised documentation.

Any breeder or owner anywhere in the world may apply for SABBS membership and registration of their Boerboels via Stud Book.

Paid-up SABT/SABBA members automatically migrated to SABBS, following on a resolution of the SGM on 5 May 2012. Their subscriptions were paid pro rata for the remainder of 2014 to SABBS. New members, who join now, will receive membership until end 2015. There is also a once-off fee for the registration of a stud (kennel) name with Stud Book, if applicable. Details of fees for services are available from Marisa Nel.