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INTERGIS is not an organisation or corporate body, and is therefore not a registering authority, as required in terms of the Act. It is merely the name of a data recording computer program or system for performance recording, and the recording, processing and testing of data.

It was developed from 1998 to 2004 by SA Studbook and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) as a joint venture agreement, at the request of the Department of Agriculture. When the joint venture was terminated on 1 December 2011, the two parties received full backups of the programme and the data. The ARC continued to call its system INTERGIS and Stud Book named its system LOGIX.

Therefore, INTERGIS is only the name of the ARC’s data recording system, similar to a programme such as the financial management program with the name AccPack. The ARC is also not a registering authority, and may not register animals. However, registered registering authorities may choose to use the INTERGIS programme to register animals.

Stud Book’s status as registering authority is clearly spelled out in Article 29. (3) (a) of the Act. The Government Gazette No. 36667 of 19 July 2013, lists the registering authorities. The ARC is not included.