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Birth Notification

SABBS requests members to submit birth notifications of all puppies from a litter – regardless of whether they will be sold with a view to registration as pets, in any of the other registers, or had died. This is important for database and breed development programmes.

Breeders must submit birth notifications via Logix. (Registration as a user is essential).

The whole litter must be recorded simultaneously within 1-120 days after birth. The birth registration fee increases substantially for notifications received after 120 days. There is also an additional levy on birth notifications submitted individually. See Subscriptions & Fees for the various regions.

There is no cost for the first transfer of ownership of a puppy/dog (or name change) from a breeder to an owner. Therefore, breeders may initially submit only a number or temporary name for a puppy, as this will be changed free of charge when it is transferred to the new owner.

A puppy will be birth registered only if the breeder is a SABBS member, both parents are registered with SABBS, their DNA profiles are on record, and it has been microchipped (number required). Without this information the registration (and transfer of ownership if applicable) will not be processed.

The birth certificate will be sent to the breeder for forwarding to the new owner. Prospective buyers should request proof from breeders that dogs have been – or will be - birth registered to ensure they will receive the required documentation, and be eligible for appraisal at the qualifying age (12 months minimum).