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To register as a breeder, a member must own at least one SABBS’ registered female and have been allocated a unique prefix (stud or kennel) name. 

SABBS requires - among others - that:

  1. Only appraised dogs be used for breeding.
  2. Breeding dogs are not younger than 12 (twelve) months of age.
  3. A dog is not bred with an unregistered Boerboel or a dog of another breed.
  4. The dog was appraised at a minimum of 75%.
  5. Breeding stock are tested for hereditary genetic diseases prior to breeding.
  6. A service (mating) certificate is submitted to the Office if the male used for stud services does not belong to the breeder.
  7. For the registration of offspring DNA profiles of both parents are record, and such offspring have microchips.
  8. Stored frozen semen used for artificial insemination are registered with the Registrar of Animal Improvement (legal requirement) and have been DNA-profiled.
  9. Breeders ensure/undertake that buyers receive all documentation when dogs leave their premises. These include: birth notifications/registration certificates, transfer of ownership confirmation, inoculation, health and microchip certificates, the codes of conduct, a sales agreement, guarantees and transport or export permits - where applicable.