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Every SABBS breeder member is bound to this Code of Conduct relating to responsible breeding as detailed below.  Therefore, they must:

        1. Deal with fellow members, breeders and buyers honestly, truthfully and respectfully.
        2. Inclusive of Section 1 above (Members and owners) accept, agree and understand that the Boerboel is still a developing breed, and that in order to breed:
          1. unappraised dogs cannot be used for breeding;
          2. the male and female dogs must not be younger than 12 (twelve) months of age before mating takes place;
          3. an appraised dog must not be bred with an unregistered Boerboel;
          4. a Boerboel must not be bred with a dog of another breed;
          5. SABBS registered dogs cannot be bred to Boerboels of other organisations that do not conform to the SABBS breed standard;
          6. SABBS must have appraised the dog at a minimum of 75% for a SP dog or a minimum of 80% for a Development registered dog;
          7. breeding stock should be tested for hereditary genetic diseases, i.e. hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia, entropion, ectropion, disticiasis and Wobbler’s disease prior to breeding; and
          8. dogs presented for birth registration, appraisal and transfer of ownership must have microchips and DNA profiles of both parents must be submitted to the Society.
        3. Set as their aim to improve public recognition of the Boerboel breed and its image by:
          1. acting truthfully and without financial gain as prime motive in providing prospective buyers with information on the Society’s breed standard; registration requirements and procedures; the pedigree and registration status of dogs to be sold and the characteristics of the breed (including temperament and health traits);
          2. consulting with prospective buyers to ascertain whether the Boerboel is a breed suitable to their requirements and circumstances, and to explain to them their responsibilities towards the breed at large, the dogs' feeding and health requirements, as well as the intentions of this Code of Conduct;
          3. providing buyers with references to further information on the Society’s website in respect of standards, the Constitution and Bylaws;
          4. ensuring/undertaking that buyer receive all documentation (Birth Notifications/Registration Certificates, transfer of ownership confirmation, inoculation, health and microchip certificates, Code of Conduct and a Sales Agreement, guarantees and transport or export permits - where applicable) when dogs leave their premises;
          5. registering the births of litters within 120 days of birth, and not handing puppies to the new owners before they are at least 8 (eight) weeks old;
          6. taking note of the concept Sales Agreement (available at sabbs.org and from ) and if not used, ensure that written contractual agreements are entered into with buyers for the protection of both parties in case the Society is called on to investigate disputes.
        4. Selecting breeding males and females with the objective of improving the standard of the specific bloodline, the overall improvement of the breed, its conformation, temperament and overall health, while conforming to the Society’s Breed Standard and the genetic principles of breeding at all times (refer to “Breed Standard” as defined in Clause 3. of the Main Constitution, and to Bylaw E2 1(f)).
        5. It is recommended that where possible, prospective breeders attend a Boerboel Workshop to obtain an understanding and knowledge of the Breed Standard, breeding principles and the appraisal system.
        6. Registering all breeding dogs in accordance with the Society’s requirements and procedures, as set out in the relevant Bylaws to the Constitution, and keeping complete records of all breeding dogs, their pedigrees, Service (Mating) Certificates, breeding history, transfer of ownership and contractual agreements with other parties.
        7. Following the Society’s health requirements and recommendations, as stipulated in the Constitution and relevant Bylaws, and keeping full health records, health test results and inoculation certificates of all breeding dogs.
        8. SABBS places a high premium on breeders’ commitment and responsibility to sell Boerboels to committed and ethical owners. Members are advised to not sell their Boerboels to countries where dog fighting and the slaughtering of dogs for human consumption or use are practised, and to make confirmed incidences of abuse publicly known.