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DNA Testing - General Information

SABBS recommends DNA testing of all Boerboels, but DNA profiles are compulsory for:

  1. All breeding dogs (male and female) for the registration of their offspring;
  2. All dogs on the Stud Register; and
  3. All dogs on the Development Register.

SABBS and SA Stud Book may also request random DNA testing of any dog from time to time, and under certain circumstances.

UNISTEL Medical Laboratories - Animal Genetics, situated at De Tijger Business Park, Parow North (see map), will do DNA tests of Boerboels - using either saliva swabs, blood swabs, or hair follicle samples. The cost is ZAR 195 per profile (excluding VAT), and may be charged to SABBS members’ accounts, if pre-authorised by the Head Office. The results will be sent to SABBS and SA Stud Book.

Members anywhere in the world may use this service - which has been found to be prompt and efficient - but DNA profiling would be compatible from any laboratory that uses ISAG STR DNA markers, and that participates in ISAG comparative tests for STR DNA markers. Contact the Head Office if in doubt.