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Subscriptions & Fees

SABBS annual subscriptions are due on 1 January of each year, and are deemed to be in arrears if not paid by the end of February of that year.

The Constitution provides that a member will forfeit all privileges of membership if his/her subscription and payment for other services have been outstanding for more than 30 days, and after having been sent a formal notice to this effect.  Note that members whose dues are not paid at the time of general meetings (where policy decisions regarding the Constitution, Breed Standard and Bylaws are made), will not be eligible to vote, or to stand for election to the SABBS Board.

From the date on which membership was forfeited, a member will also receive no further services, including no processing of birth notifications, or registrations, transfer of ownership, or acceptance of service certificates.

Prospective buyers are well-advised to contact the Head Office to verify a person’s member status to ensure that puppies/dogs will be eligible for registration.