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Through SA Stud Book, paid-up SABBS members have access to Logix - one of the most efficient animal identification, recording and improvement systems.

Logix is the acronym for the Livestock Operational and Genetic Information Exchange, a free bilingual (English and Afrikaans) Internet-based programme. It offers registered breeders 24-hour access for birth recordings, cancellations, access to their data, comprehensive reports and SA Stud Book consultants. Breeders have direct access to the most recent breeding and performance information regarding their dogs, as recorded in the Logix system. This is essential for informed and meaningful decision-taking regarding breeding programmes.

Breeders remain the owners of their own data, and several levels of access may be implemented. At this stage, a breeder has access to his own data only, but this may be extended after approval by an annual general meeting of SABBS members.

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