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The Boerboel – a declared South African landrace – is registered in terms of the Animal Improvement Act (No. 62 of 1998) under the auspices of SABBS as the only legally registered breeders’ society for this breed. No other grouping is recognised to officially represent, register, appraise or host Boerboel events and shows. SABBS’ Bylaws – primarily A (Recording and Registration) and B (SA Boerboel Database and Registers) - deal extensively with the legal and administrative registration requirements.

SABBS offers members an infrastructure, systems and support systems of the highest possible standard. Its registering authority, SA Stud Book, is a member of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR), and is audited by them every three years.

To help SABBS serve you efficiently, and to ensure registrations can be processed, please provide:

  1. Queries: Your full name, member number, kennel name, contact details, the full name and registration number of the dog(s), and attach relevant documents, if available.
  2. Appraisals: Relevant documentation (birth/registration certificates, microchip numbers); and to the Head Office: (DNA profiles, health certificates, service certificates, transfer of ownership forms; per capita lists, etc.).