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Stud Register

To be listed in the Stud Register, a dog must have been appraised at 85% or higher. SABBS will include dogs in this prestigious register free of charge on application, and the following original certification must accompany applications:

  1. Females must be examined by registered veterinarians or veterinary institutions for signs of vaginal hyperplasia.  Grade 1 or better is the criterion.
  2. Hip and elbow dysplasia: A certified radiologist must certify that the Boerboel (male or female) has a hip status of between 0:0 and 1:1 or an FCI hip status of between A1 and C2, and an elbow status of 1:1 maximum.  (Contact Head Office for Penn Hip / BVA and other classification requirements.)
  3. Entropion/Ectropion: The dog must have been assessed by a SABBS appraiser as having either correct (+) or acceptable (o) for its eyelids.
  4. DNA profiles are required for all Stud Register dogs.
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