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Buying a Boerboel

Owning a Boerboel brings with it lots of love, pleasure and joy, as well as a sense of security. It also comes with responsibilities – the most important of which is to have the necessary information to make an informed decision at the outset.

First, consider your needs and whether you have the means to care for the dog for its entire life? Do you want a puppy or an adult dog? A male or female/dog? Are you looking for breeding stock and/or a companion for your family? Do you and your family have the necessary time and inclination to give the attention to the very specific raising and training requirements of a Boerboel? Do you have sufficient space and a secure environment for a large breed dog? Do you have the necessary knowledge of canine behaviour to raise a large dog with protective instincts? Is the entire family in agreement on owning a Boerboel?

Second, obtain as much information as possible about the Boerboel and breed standards by talking to SABBS office bearers, breeders and members. Go to appraisal days or other events in your area, visit as many breeders and meet as many Boerboels as possible .... and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Owning a Boerboel, like any large breed dog, is a big responsibility, and owners must make the necessary commitment to raising a well adjusted and balanced dog. This can be more demanding and involve more time, effort and training than a small or medium-sized dog, and owners should make themselves aware of the potential for damage and injury that can be caused by any large breed dog. SABBS can accept no liability for any damage to property or person caused by your Boerboel. It is your ongoing responsibility as an owner to ensure your dog is kept safe, properly controlled and supervised in public, or when around children or people that the dog is unfamiliar with.

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